Sunday, February 16, 2014

Welcome 2014!! (let's forget about FYP for a while * i-might-regret-this-but-oh-well*)

asgdfhrghjadfhhg.. always feel like updating this thing but laziness keep on striking. haven't done the slides for the presentation, but, ugh.. have no moods to do it at all!! =_=

got lots to post, about my trip to Pangalengan, Indonesia, finally being in the final year, trip to Pulau Ketam, 2013 Big Bad Wolf, but, saa.. saa.. i think i wanna share about Comic Fiesta 2013.. the-most-unforgettable-CF-coz-my-newly-purchased-phone-was-stolen-in-a-pick-pocketing-spree-grr..

surprisingly, i honestly didn't enjoy 2013's CF like i did before. wonder if this is an aging effect, or the event itself was not as happening as before. we didn't even watch the main stage events!! the theme is something about game, which is not something i really can relate to. oh yeah, didn't enjoy it much coz so tired with final year life.. vet final year student's life is so chaotic like hell..!

okay, just going to share the lolita coordination i wore during CF 2013.. here we go...

Day 1: Infanta : Infants Vatican Tower: Ann's Town 

My friends said this dress is oh-so-not-fabulous. well, i mean, I think I'm too old to wear overly frilled, pinku pinku, sweet dress. let me just be down-to-earth a bit. plus this dress perfectly covers my knee, and i love it..  :3  *and this is like the cheapest loli dress i ever bought!*

Thanks Mihiko Jon for this pic. OMG.. i still feel guilty for thinking you as "that kind uncle from Singapore". Hontou ni gomen!!! ><
Aira-san + me!! Finally met her in person! Her Ion Fortuna is so awesome!! She made it herself some more.. gila ah..

With handsome Charles Grey. Muahaha... so leng chai meh my dear Anne *woot2* 

The most unbelievable thing to happen at CF- meeting a vet junior  *talk about le apprentice. we found it..*

I don't know why but this dress makes me feel like Sophie from Ghibli's "Howl's Moving Castle". 


And Day 1 ended with why-do-i-have-to-watch-this-concert-i-didn't-even-know-these-people. Lol kidding. but its true I never really listen to any local Japanese-related bands, so that concert was totally strange to me. I can't even remember that Japanese band that night. Really, I don't really feel much for CF 2013. I guess I was too tired. 
Oh, it looks like as if there's only a few people attending the concert..

Okay, this one is much better.. XD

Day 2: Dear Celine: Angel's Song

OMG... i super duper love this dress..!! took the black one instead of white coz I've been thinking about Kaya when I bought this. Wanted to make a Kaya-inspired coord, but too bad couldn't get a bonnet to make THIS awesome coord by Kaya:
Tsk tsk.. Wish I could have this dress. He's so pwettyy... ><
Kaya's wearing Nocturne series by BtSSB 

Since I couldn't get a bonnet, so I use that headdress that looks like as if I got a tumor on top pf my head. Lololol.. whatever..  ~(=3=)~Oh, please forgive my headdress. I think I put it wrongly it looks so funny!! XDD

A tall Mila is just an illusion!! Hahah.. but that the smart cosplay she had. A character from a manga called "Adekan"

pinkuXkuro.. Met a fellow hijab lolita!! Miss Lulu Echah  =)

It's Din's first time at Comic Fiesta!! Hope you enjoy the day!!
I don't know why but I love this pic  <3  

Day 2 ended with me cursing and crying for my stolen phone. damn pick-pocket-er, why have to steal my phone?!! @#$%^&*  T^T

Phew.. that's all. My Lolita coord is still kind of blunt but.. i think its fine.. still wondering whether I would still be wearing Lolita after this..

Fuwaah.. didn't finish the presentation but successfully wrote this. *Luckily had finished writing the abstract*

Staying up makes me hungry.. ~__~"

Comic Fiesta 2013. OMG I love these 2! but i like the guy more *perlu ke pegang tangan kuat2 cenggitu? + is that really a guy or its just another trap? muahaha..*

Saturday, May 25, 2013

the lolita-side of me

so..this is how my lolita life is...
Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry, and the christmas tree~
erica~ :)
the twin towers~
sorry erica.. :P
me and anne  :)
kara-oke time!! linkin park, yay!!
OMG..poor mr.teddy...
27th April 2013 lolita gathering!! 
me and anne, the kodona girl..
miss akiko! :)
so happy till cry.... *O*
bajet cute kah.. hihihi...wong and me.. :)
grace, anne, me, and wong   :)
miss jojo himemiya!!!! *O*
she is soooo pretty!!!!! :3
grace!! :)
wonder why have to pose like this, lol.. ^^
all of them are sooo awesome!! thanks for the wonderful day!!
Is seriously looking forward for more wonderul lolita moment, and of course, more dresses!!!! (I hope im not too old for this, hohoho....). Next semester will be our final year. And next year we are going to be a vet doctor (insya-Allah). I wonder how life gonna be then... =3=

current song in mind: dreamin dreamin  -  capsule

*some pics are not mine.. got it from them. hihihi...*

Monday, April 01, 2013

of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu :3

i want chu chu churu chu.. i want u darling.. i, i cry for your loooooooove yeah!!! chu chu chu..! ~<3

yesh....i'm currently sooo in love with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!!!!!! >< i love her dress, i love her style. weird, freak, but at the same time supa dupa cute!!! what is it again? aomoji-kei, right?
 ‘aomoji-kei’ is about wearing whatever you want to wear without caring whether or not you look attractive, cute, or sexy.

These are the legendary hengao!!

aww...sweet... thanks kyary for creating such special terminology for it..!! ><  maybe, if people said i dressed up an ita, i'll say to them, nope, it's aomoji.. :)  *oh well.. some lolis are so meticulous. i don't think i'm able to follow all the rules. yeah...lolita DO have some rules, do and don'ts to follow. sometimes i think it's scary to wear it, but since i love lolita so much, i just go for it. maybe i had been labelled an ita already?? dum dum dum dum...  xP*

Comic Fiesta 2012, with kyary pamyu pamyu roleplayer!!!!! OMG.. i love this girl.. i wish someone could do Fashion Monster next year.. (if only i could, i'll do it for sure....)  * still LOL-ing at my bag and my weird body posture*

oh, btw, kyary is so cute!! and and her dance, i love her dance! ngee.. all her songs are so catchy and cute, even though the lyrics, some of them are the opposite. but...LOVE IT!! i'm still learning tsukema tsukeru dance.. :D

oh well.. got to thanks HipsterLoli for this.. 

i remembered when kyary's ponponpon debuted, i hate kyary to the fullest.!! i think she's weirdo. but now, not anymore. all that weird things are the main attraction!!! i looove out-of-normal stuff to feed my so-totally-normal life. =_=  but yeah.. i know there are LOTTTSSS of people out there who hate kyary so much. i'm not that type of person who will curse or fight with those haters like some fans would do to people who harass their favourite candy. everyone have their own opinion and liking, i'm not going to waste my time telling them how awesome my favourite is or to persuade them to like it too. me myself had decided that KPOP is not something i fancy even though i love running man..

okay, yeah.. i love her so much... oyasumi-nasai.... :3

Monday, December 10, 2012

oh lololol.. Girls Days Out!!

Finally!!! A FREE WEEKEND..!!!! ><

It's not that i hate working in the wards, looking after sick cats and dogs, but being stucked in the faculty from 6am until 10pm is not a nice thing, especially during the test-day. And only those who had their 2-weeks-straight small animal ROTA can understand this feeling. Oh yeah...finally, it's over!!!! ><

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has already begun last friday. The best thing is, they decide to open 63-hours straight, which of course we also want to take that challenge.

So the plan was done:
=friday night, supposed to sleep before we took off, but of course unable to do that (felt so excited, haven't been out for ages!!).
=12midnight, get off of college's gate, wait for mila. Luckily wazi was there to calmly answered pak cik keselamatan's question. (if it's me, i'll be panicking for
=~1am, finally reached there, @MIECC Mines. It's midnight, but the road was soo...congested!!
=lots of people even tho it's already 3am!! and the parents brought along their little children too!! haiyoh...poor kids cannot sleep meh.. but it's kind of cute seeing a dad hugging his little baby, both were sleeping, besides stacks of books. lol..
Pic taken from BBW facebook. (Didn't take any headache coz too hungry that time + so engrossed with books..^^")

=3.30am, have a break, me eating roti telur which cost rm3. oh yeah, can understand that~
-by 5am, people were getting lesser and lesser. It's almost Subuh. I actually dozed of while attempting to finished a Singapore ghost stories book. ah..luckily didn't buy it..
-6am-only then queued up to pay the books

btw, seriously please do take a look of people around you. You might spot someone famous. Wazi spotted Andy Flop Poppy and Keith there. Me, well i think i saw someone too. Kept on glancing at him, even thought of getting his signature or a photo with him (but cancelled that thought coz my head ached so much. haisyhh...)

Pic belongs to my friend, Wazi. Yeah..that's Keith..! (why i didn't found you there..)

i'll say, the staffs are so kesian, need to wake up all days. and can see some of them losing their concentration already. lol XD

Later went to Mila's house, slept like a pig until 11am!! muahahaha... oh well, Mila wants to do some pre-wear of her cosplay costume. Gahh... come on CF.. we're so eager to be with you again!!! >< (but why OSCE need to do on that same day... T^T)

Then, ~1pm saturday, went to SHOP SHOP & SHOP @ One Utama~! oh yeah, i guess i'm the only one exciting over this, mentioned it before, i haven't been out for ages!!! and oh my... the decorations are so CUTE~!!! it makes me feel like wearing my lolita dress. aww... all those candy, biscuits, snow men, candy sticks, christmas trees, and the lighting are all cute!!! >< cute!! :3

Snowman, snowman everywhere....

Oh hai there cookies!!  XD

Before shopping, had our hungry tummy filled @ the Garden. pheww.... i love that restaurant!!!! english garden concept, with a huge white piano and teapots, white deco, why, why so pretty... :3
Lifestyle sto*e? stone? store? hmm..

Ahh...blur!! That's the piano.. :3

i always stick to my favourite spaghetti bolognese and hot choco. and i would say, it was the best bolognese i ever had..!!! there're lots of minched meat.!! the taste was just so perfect. It's a best dish for that price. yummy~

Le hot choco-la-te~

Le pasta~

Le garden~

Le me~  LOL

oh well, me only want to buy things for my lolita coord. stopped at Daiso, spent Rm40 there, lol. bought that things for my umbrella. and eyelashes, nails.. hahah.. Momoe's having its sale as well. 70% off, fuh3... but, i don't feel like buying any clothes now. i just want that little little accessories, that's all. but, can't find 'em at all!! but managed to get a full white legging for only rm7. it covers my feet. think no need to wear long socks with that pink shoes. yeah~
Ngee...those eyelashes... :3

Done!! Now it looks like a wedding umbrella  ~~
talking about shoes, can't wait for that shoes and that shirt i bought from panache to arrived!! it's just a second hand GLP shoes,with stains and defects, but, oh well, i hope it's not THAT bad..
Stuffs from Big Bad Wolf. Not that much, seriously on budget. =)
           's not that i'm breaking up with someone or had my heart got hurt because of one-sided love thingy, but, somehow got stuck up with this song. That guitar reminds me of something, but i don't know what it is. this song so much, despite of the meaning, and the lyrics   XP

Ahh....haven't studied for Clinical Med yet.. ~~

That's all! Oyasumi nasai~